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About Us
Sabrosa adj (a) tasty; (delicioso) delicious (b) agradable) delightful
Established in 2002 in Roscoe’s Main Street Square, Sabrosa soon became a popular destination for those on both sides of the border….Illinois/Wisconsin border….searching for fresh, high-quality tex-mex food at affordable pricing.  Over the years, we’ve had thousands from all over the area as well as many of the 50 states and 6 continents that have enjoyed our unique flavors on some of their favorite “standard” and not so standard tex-mex dishes.
On April 1, 2009, we relocated to our new “home” in Roscoe’s Retail Center, tripling our space and seating capacity as well as adding a small “cantina”.  
From our initial planning stages to today, we have always remained committed to providing the freshest ingredients, cleanest facility, tastiest tex-mex dishes and best service possible.  We still travel to Worldwide Produce at Chicago’s International Produce Market and handpick many of our vegetables.  “Why get yesterdays produce tomorrow when you can get today’s produce today?”  After Worldwide, we stop at V&V Supremo, a name synonymous with fresh, authentic Mexican cheeses.  We still work with the same butchers at Fiesta Market in Belvidere who know and understand the cuts of meat and freshness we demand.  Our cooking is done much the same way that Nana Stella has been doing and perfecting (starting in San Antonio) for all these years – pan by pan.
Sometimes the question comes up, “are you authentic?”  The answer is always a resounding YES! Were authentically SABROSA.  We cook and serve in a way that makes you feel like you’re at a family gathering at our home, because after all, you are.  While there are many who have similar dishes as we offer, there is only one Sabrosa!
For the many who have enjoyed our foods over the years we say Thank You, without you Sabrosa is not possible.  For those who have yet to experience Sabrosa, we say, “give us a try and come discover your new favorite tex-mex eatery”. 
Muchas Gracias
B,R, R and Family
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